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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First 2 Weeks Off - Paris and London 2010

First time in my 12 years of career as a hairdresser, I took a brave step to give myself a longer break - 2 weeks. I was really nervous before I flown off to London. After all it is my longest holiday ever. The main purpose for the trip was to get myself inspired and attend Toni and Guy 2010 Project 10 Launch and training.

I reached KL LCCT on 3rd October 2010 at 11.30pm. I was alone.. and I stayed awake for 24 hours in LCCT for the next day, flight to London at 12.30pm. Gosh, I was drowsy...I had Faye Wong as companion...and a book.."Bangkok Tattoo" to read but my eyes were so tired I just sat on the floor and people watching...I realized something that night... I understood one point that when I was in a rush during work I felt stressful; but I could not believe myself that too much time to kill was even depressing...

walk to airport to kl

me and my boots as companion

bangkok tattoo, a drowsy reading

Long waited for 11 hours; I finally met my long time girlfriend from Melaka who was also on the trip with me. Joanne came only after I checked in. I had to as I was too tired to think of the luggages..

Everything went smooth and we checked in and the first things I did was laid down and slept...lucky one seat besides me was not taken so I could sleep better...I was so comfortable; slept for 12 hours and woke to refresh myself again before landing. It took 13 hours to reach London but I was okay as I had some sleep.

We took a ride on coach of GBP 8 per trip to Victoria Station before taking tube to Embankment where we were staying. It was just 5 min walk to the apartment and it was a great place to stay and safe...We had a good rest and the next morning we were bound for Paris via Eurostar train; we bought first hand and had a good rate of GBP 69 for return; through website and checked in was easy as we had pre printed our tickets.

tea while waiting the train to paris

Waited..excited as it was our first time and we both were trilled and reaching the city was so cooling..and romantic haha...I missed my hubby that moment and I could not believe I made it to Paris...after dreaming for it ever since I was a kid. I enjoyed the scenery while walking and finding the hotel we were to stay..

Everything were within reach. Montmarte was a great place to stay. We tried whatever we could afford. However we felt that Paris food was very costly and it was not that great except the Italian food we had at La Galle if I am not mistaken of the restaurant name. .... We visited Eiffel Tower and went sight seeing..walking and relaxing....We stayed only for 2 nights.

paris eiffel tower

Travelling in London; we felt much comfy as we stayed in Joanne's friend, Sean's apartment. It had everything from kitchen to laundry. Whoa....we both saved a lot for more good shopping haha....Thank you Sean for the hospitality...

me and joanne wait bus to london

sean and joanne

me and London Eye

First day touring around London, (8th and 9th October) we were finding all the routes to where we wanted to go; by foot. Haha....saved GBP 1.80 per trip. We managed to walk to Trafalcar Square, Piccadily Circus, Oxford Circus, and Old Bond Street ...and you know what we meant...



It was very cold and windy but we were enjoying it.

10th October was the Mainstage and I was very excited about it as it was my first time to such huge team celebration..and it's the Toni and Guy team and I am very proud that I am part of it...

It was at the Battersea Power Station and before it started our team from Malaysia and Singapore gathered for a drink at a nearby pub. It was freezing but we were okay..haha...

Queuing to enter the launch; we saw many hairdressers like us; all over the world...and we are the Toni and Guy and Essensuals and it were about 3500 of us. Shows started in 5 min time and for the first time I saw Toni and Sacha Mascolo in real person and I was immediately felt "God, thank you for the is tough but it is worth it"...


10.10.10 stage show

I enjoyed the shows and went home feeling amazed and looked forward for tomorrow training, from 11th till 15th - Project 10

I met so many great people during this journey.... - I met :

Toni Mascolo (Backstage of the Mainstage), Toni was very friendly to me and very down to earth too...

Toni Mascolo

Sacha Mascolo (I saw her talking to Indira during the backstage of Toni and Guy Show at the Salon International...she was so near to me but yet far as I had no chance to talk to her even a hello as everyone was too busy with the model preparations; rushing for 12.30pm show and presentation);

Jane Stacey and Efi Davies whom I met in Singapore last March and again in London; Jane shared lots of color techniques and her works is very outstanding. Efi...she has unique ideas of avant garde and I am amazed of her plaiting and accurate.

I was happy that I was given the opportunity to see and help the artistic team backstage for the London Salon International Show on the 16th October at Excel . I would like to extend my gratitude to David Mercer and also Janice Kok of Toni and Guy Singapore; my mentors for the arrangement.

Jane Stacey

backstage badge

team at work backstage

Bill Watson, Cos Sakkas, Richard Mannah, Indira Schauwecker and Pinar Necati whom I met backstage first time after the mainstage at Battersea Power Station...met them again at the academy. I also saw Hide Saiga, Silje Vincent, Beau Vincent, Mohammad Samghabady and many other Toni and Guy International Artistic Team during training days.

In short, all the artistic team are super friendly, super helpful and very very hardworking.

I felt very much inspired by the as team as each and everyone has their identity and great at what they do. All these would not be happening without team support from Toni and Guy Singapore and I would like to thank all my mentors David Mercer, Janice Kok, Issac Ng and Jacky Ng for their care and guidance during the week in London.

with David Mercer and the team

Issac Ng of Toni and Guy Singapore

Jacky Ng of Toni and Guy Singapore

me at backstage

Beside meeting Toni and Guy Essensuals team mates, I met Kiong Kong, a regular clients of mind back in hometown Kuching. He has been staying in London for about 6 years now, finishing his degree. So good to catch up.

Kiong kong

I also met Ms Winnie Loo, founder of A Cut Above in Salon International and gosh...i forgot to take photo was so cool to catch up there and chat for awhile. Seeing her there was very very inspiring too as she is really a great mentor and she is my no 1 Idol haha..and that is why I created just for her...It was so fated that we met again at Oxford Street in the evening of the last night I was in London. Will catch her up again soon in KL..

Salon international

During the 2 weeks trip, I have learnt a lot...seen a lot...inspired a a lot ...and window shop a lot...but I can't stopped the desire to have one Dr Marten London boots. I am a boot person so I got them at quite reasonable price...and even helped my friend Cherrine to buy a pair of limited edition Hello Kitty boots too huh...

hello kitty limited

walking down town london

My happiest moment throughout the 2 weeks trip was when I attended Hillsongs Church in London with Janice and Joanne and I was really touched by it and I hope I can attend them again in future. I thanked Janice for telling me about the church and I was very very happy that day...halleluyah....

me, Janice and Joanne

I have a great time these 2 weeks and I am glad I am a hairdresser...It's tough, sometimes unbelievably hard, but I am proud to be one because I get to meet so many amazing people around the globe and hopefully my next journey will be better and inspiring...Hey..I have got a great friend coming for vacation with me to Kuching..He is Dave and he is a hairdresser from Toni and Guy guy....

dave and me at airport

I hope I will have more great trips in the future...

Cheers xxx........