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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Does short hair make your face look BIGGER and ROUNDER? Find out the Truth here.....

Hi girls...

Today I would love to share the TRUTH about having short hair..I decided to do so because I met too many gorgeous ladies who came to me for haircut; had this million years of traditional myth in their mind that cutting short hair will make our face look big...

Have a read on the conversation below to understand the scenario better:

Lady:   Can you design a nice hair for me?..I want an easier hair to style everytime I  wake up..I am very lazy, busy and no time... I am bored with my hair (long hair) now..Can you give me some advice?

Hairstylist:  I see, if you are busy, no time and lazy, short hair will suit your lifestyle...Let me show you some photos...

Lady browsing thru the photos..:  Wah so short meh?  No la, my face so big, and round lah...I so scare..cut 2 inches off can liaw la...

Hairstylist:  You keep long hair also every day tie your hair leh..What for keep long..? Want botak lo..cannot everyday tie liaw..

Lady:  I never have short hair before ar..Later ugly how?

Hairstylist:  No la, you never try yet how you know ugly? Belum cuba belum tau, sudah cuba tiap-tiap hair mau ar...

Lady:  Don't want la..just trim okay liaw..


After reading this conversation, do you feel very familiar that this conversation might happen to you?  Initially you want a change, but later on, you decided your hairstyle kept the same and you left unchanged, and only trimmed 2 inches...

Honestly, I used to have this mindset too..Not only you...It is very normal...But now after I  break that glass..I love short hair..

"Dearest all the gorgeous ladies out there....Having short hair does not make your face look big...It will actually sharpen your face shape with the right cut...It is true until you try it yourself.."

The truth...

Today with this blog..I hope I can change this mindset and show you some photos to prove the statement that I have just quoted above..Ok, I used to have this thought too; that having short hair will make my face even chubbier and bigger..I have high cheekbones..So when I smile or laugh, I will have big round red face haha...So I guess with short hair, I will looked blotted...uglier right?

During my younger days..I used to have super long hair until near my waist line and whenever any hairstylist cut my hair too short I seriously will cry; or I will keep nagging the hairstylist to just trim 1 or 2 cm of my hair....I love my long hair very much in the past that I decided that I will never cut my hair short (just like what you feel and think)...until I got fed up; and ever since I have a daughter I started to have hair loss and looked tired; because I have to work day and night besides taking care of my little girl.....

Agyness Deyn

One fine day about 4 years ago, I told myself - enough is enough...I cannot continue having long hair anymore...I looked dull...flat..old...and not stylish at all.....I got my hair cut short just like Agyness Deyn; whom her styles I love most.. hahaha..To me, she looked too great in short hair and she is the first British Supermodel with short hair in this era...While everyone having long hair..she walked confidently on stage with short of the main reason I have short ash platinum blonde on me until now...Have a look at the below photos of my midlength to short hair..check out my  face shape...My face looked smaller and sharper hehe..agreed?


2008 Shorter Mid Length

2009 Starting to have short hair..

2010 Getting Blonde with short special ear..

2011 Platinum - Daring

2012 Getting more shorter...

How do I look? Do I have bigger rounder face? I don't think so haha..and I felt younger...and more stylish..and confident..So why are you worry?  It is easier to handle..and with shorter hair I survive better under heat correct?

Well, please do not get me wrong..I do not mean to encourage everyone to go short....What I meant is that, for those who would like to have short hair but worry and scare about the face shape, you don't have to because with the right cut, you get a greater stylish and easy to maintain look...yet..smaller, sharper and younger look...

Let me show you some before and after photo of some hongkong artiste and "angmoh" artiste of long hair going short...See for yourself...

Halle Berry: Long Hair Before and Now Short Hair

Tavia Yeung...Shorter hair make her look younger prettier..
How do you like Rihanna in? long or short hair?
Alyssa Milano

Look at Mandy Wong...shorter hair with sharper face shape..

Michelle Williams chubby face turned sharp...

Probably you may think that I am using all pretty superstars as examples which are not constructive enough for normal people..Ok..hihi...To challenge myself, .I have one live model here (below photos) Ah Pei; to show and prove to you that super round face can look gorgeous with short hair...Look for yourself and do let me know if her face looked sharpen after the haircut...

very round face and huge forehead..I am sure everyone will disagree she have short hair..but not me......Look at below...:)

For Pei which hairstyle suit her better? 

For those who have limp, and flat hair, hair loss problem due to stress or after birth, lazy and no time to manage their hair; having short hair will ease you life; adding to that it makes you look stylish and younger.  
Long hair is lovely only when you have time to style them and maintain them.  If you found out that you tied your hair 365 days..I would advise you cut it short and live energetically...:)  Save time, shampoo, water and electricity.

While Malaysia's weather are too hot nowadays due to global warming; it's worth a shorter haircut..Wash, Style and simple as that.

So, who says short hair make our face look round and big??? As a hairstylist I doubt it. As long as we know the right length of shortness proportionate according to the face, the cut will actually sharpen your face..and you will definitely look younger..Try it and you found the Truth immediately..

Happy Trying!



  1. I know this is an old post but it is informative and very encouraging! I am intending to get my hair cut real short. :) It's not that I am 'scared' of short hair because I've tried short hair multiple times, it's just that those times, things like bangs and the parting were issues for me. After years of long hair I am bored and anyway, my hair is fried, so I am going to just bleach it and colour it brightly! lol