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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sereni Linggi's Wedding Hair

Hey guys,

A short blog;  to share some tips on how to get voluminous hair like Sereni Linggi (co-founder of Sereni&Shentel famous headband) during her wedding on 13th February 2012.  I am very honored to be there for her and her hair :).  Thanks Sereni for having me...

Sereni has a medium length hair..and we did a dark glossing for her hair to get as natural as possible without damaging her hair.   Before the wedding, I have pre-glossed her extension too.  We decided to use them to ensure Sereni's hair look thicker on the wedding day.  Even though extension has been used, she looked completely stunning and her hair did not look fake even a bit.
Sereni's flawless look...

What I did was firstly, attaching extension to her hair by using braiding techniques. Next, I did some crimping on the root of her hair around her crown to ease the teasing on the root, creating a small beehives; which will stay stronger and longer.  Then, I started to section her hair into 3 sections and curling thong it inwardly and outwardly alternately.   And before I did that, I set her special all white wedding headband before 'thonging' the hair. Lastly; I secured her wedding veil onto her headband with bobby pins; making her looking gorgeous and classic with modern touch.

Tips: It sounds simple but to ensure the hair look natural and flow nicely on her, I have also used humidity blocker to ensure her hair stay all night long.

Sereni's gorgeous photos:

Sereni and I

Preparing Sereni for her wedding catwalk:)

Cute couple, Lloyd and Sereni..Congratulations..

Lovely wedding deco and venue...

Beautiful hair..Beautiful Bride ;)

Sereni and Lloyd

Shentel, Sereni and Joseph...

My magic hand and Bridal Collection 2012 headbands by Sereni and Shentel  (Inspired by herself)  on Sereni' huh?



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