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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celebrities MakeOver - Crystal Chooi

Toni&Guy, Patent House, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 15th October - 3.30pm 

This lovely Saturday  was indeed a great day for me as I was having a makeover (cut and color) session with local Chinese actress, Crystal Chooi.  It would not have been possible if without the help of  Toni&Guy KL team mates.  Thank you  David Mercer, Henne Mercer and William Wong; not forgetting all the staffs of Toni&Guy KL for making my Saturday an unusual one....

Crystal Chooi came in about 3.30pm and we made sure she seated comfortably in the nice ambiance of Toni&Guy salon on the top floor of Patent House, Bukit Bintang.  Before I started the hair cut, I gave her a thorough consultation, showing her photos from our Look Book...our bible to latest hair styles. This is to ensure that she is fully aware of her new look.

Consultation session

During the consultation, I learnt that Crystal never dare to go very short as worrying that her face may look more round.  With thorough explanation, I shown her few photos that shown her otherwise.  I adviced her to cut  short on both side of the ears but leave her fringe slightly longer; and that she may be surprised that actually the cut will keep her jawline more obvious and her face shape will be sharpen.  Without much hesitation, she gave it a go and agreed to try it out.

After the consultation, Johnny (Assistant at TG shown as picture above) helped me to wash Crystal's hair; preparing her for the cut session.
Showing Crystal photos of  hairstyles that may suit her

Before the haircut
Before the haircut

Crystal's hair was properly section before cut to ensure precision and balance.

Slowly performing the detailed haircut

After the haircut, I continued with the color session. Again before I proceed, a consultation was been carried out too - checking her lifestyle and work details.  Crystal not only have video shoots but also have formal meetings with clients who needed her expertise in managing new movie or drama production.  So I decided to give her a versatile hair color where she can have a party look and formal look at the same time... ..Crystal's initial hair color is cooper base with few big streak of light blonde.  I decided to give her a matt ash medium brown as her base; with light ash brown highlight.  I took the longest fringe on her right side and did 5 foils of highlight with light ash brown.  It would be a huge streak of ash brown but the fun part was that the highlights hid underneath.

Highlights session

The rest of the hair was glossed with matt brown

Crystal was sleeping haha...I think my brushing technique calmed her? haha..just joking!

Once done, Crystal was led to the wash area to get her hair washed and conditioned.

Blow dry session

After the cut and color session has been done; Crystal attended to my mini-styling 5 minutes course; where she learnt the 1 minute DIY styling techniques with latest Wella Texture Touch clay; and I finished her look with Wella HairSpray.  I was hoping she has learnt it and will use the techniques before she goes to work everyday ;P.  It is super easy!

Teaching Crystal how to blow dry her hair.

Teaching Crystal how to use the Wella Texture Touch clay
Teaching Crystal how to get her final look with her cool highlighted side fringe


Yippie..mission accomplished!

I hoped I have given Crystal a more younger and fresh look.  Look closely at her hair color.  With her highlight streak hidden underneath her base color; she can have different hair color; either for party look or for formal look for work.  If she styled her fringe to her right; it shown that her hair color will be just one color which is matt brown - a suitable look for work...However if she styled her fringe to her left as shown in the photo on the right; it shown that her hair was styled for more casual look..

I hope that Crystal Chooi likes her new look...




Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to save more...

Another way to keep your business travelling cost low..

12th September - Business Meeting at Singapore

During the bad market condition, there are many ways to save if you are looking into minimizing travelling cost (one of the high variable costs in operating your small business).  I experienced the first time stay at a hostel in Singapore and  it's a pretty cool one.  I fell in love straight away...

I browsed into and found many hostel around in Singapore and the only one that caught my eyes was Tree Lodge Hostel; located at Bugis - Tan Quee Lan Street --yeah!! just next to Toni and Guy cool is that!

I checked in very late; 12.30 am, late flight after work in the salon.    And met the front desk guy with the spec( whom you can see on the first photo and gosh I forgotten his name..sorry..) as I was too tired and my head was spinning and needed a sleep for the next morning meeting. I paid S$29 for the one night so affordable thanks to Tree Lodge..I checked normal 2 stars hotel's rate room for 2 was about S$150 per night (which is around RM 370) ...Wow!...for myself and Lewis; we paid total of only S$58 per night and saved S$92 for the next day expenses.

I was given all the information and rules and regulation staying in Tree Lodge  as I was a first-timer there. Honestly I was very nervous if I could not sleep etc; and reminded myself I am only going to stay for a night so it is just a place for me to rest and fly back the next day after the meeting.  

My room was Angsana; named after a tree. In Tree Lodge; everything went green...very environmental...The place was really clean and and really gave accurate review on it...phewww....  I booked for 12-sharing double decker bed hostel and lucky my bed  was on lower level. 

The entrance to my room..

                                 My room

I put all my stuffs in the locker and I was really careful because I did not want to wake others up.  After checking in; I went down to get some food..The street nearby was still busy; and..people were gathering up for nearby steamboat and other delicacies. 

              Bathroom - 5 min bath to save water..

I went back to the hostel at around 1.30am and realised I have forgotten my towel..but lucky enough we can rent the towel for S$ 2 each..The bathroom was huge and for sharing and they have bathroom that is just only for the girls..and each of us have a key..It is very safe as no guys can come in without a key.

                                Hair dryer for sharing....

The bath was really shower.  I did not managed to take the photos of the bed as it was dark and the next morning I woke very early to prepare myself for the meeting..The bed was very comfortable and clean..the best thing was that all the bed was equipped with personal curtain where you can have your own privacy and space; and a on/off small wall light so you can read if you just want to lay lazy and read before sleep.  With the curtain, the look of your face while sleeping was not revealed hahaha....


I was so surprised that the next morning, I could have a breakfast for free..Eventhough it was a simple one (milk, tea, coffee, bread, butter, jam, toaster, cereals), I felt very grateful that I can have a cup of hot tea with toast; sat down enjoyed the nice and comfy common room...I really felt happy to have found this place and will definitely come back and stay again in near future..I told Lewis, this hostel will be my good companion whenever I have meeting and training in Singapore...Too good to be true!