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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Malaysian HairShow That You Cannot Miss!

Malaysians for Malaysians!

Hey guys! I have a great news to share here....  This year Malaysia Hairdresser Association (MHA) Gala  will be held at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 29th November at 7pm.  It is a yearly gathering of the industry's top local hairdressers.

                                          Me and team mates at MHA Gala 2010

                                                 Some photos from past MHA Gala

                                                    MHA Committee Members 2011
In short, it is a platform created by a team of  Malaysian great hairdressers; for all Malaysian hairdressers to share their ideas and creations; and this year theme will be Illusion Hair Fiesta. The theme itself sounds really interesting...illusive creations I must say! I've been told by Malaysia renowned hair guru Winnie Loo that we will see all famous hair teams performing including herself.. She added that all stage models will be recruited from Amber Chia Academy.  Additionally, big brands like  Loreal, Wellsen. Craft, and PCQ are also teamed up as sponsors to support this year hair gala.

Everyone thought that a hairshow is just for hairdressers.  It is not true because in clothing fashion show; you will see spectators from all different industries; and not only fashion designers.  Hair show is very likely the same too.  So we hope to see more people; not only hairdressers but also the public to join us and celebrate the event with us.  Tickets from RM 220 (Non VIP) - RM 280 (VIP) per person and RM 2200 - RM 2800 per table are available now.  For those who are interested and keen to experience the show, you are welcomed to contact MHA President Billy Lim at 012-9744900.

See you there!!


Friday, September 2, 2011


12th August 3.17pm: I received whatsapp message from Shentel Lee (co-founder of BOWERHAUS)..The first message was a Boo...hahaha ...and followed by an invitation to work on a model's hair for BOWERHAUS shoots on 24th August. She is a sweetheart; politely and genuinely asking me if I could work for the shoots...OF COURSE! I was so excited and more than happier to work on it.  I know it would be FUN! And was told the model is Elena a wellknown model flown in from cool is that...

24th August

I  reached  Four Points by Sheraton Hotel at 9.10am with Pei (my world class assistant  hahaha....); and we went up to 2nd Floor - the Function room.  Spotted Shentel and we were welcomed to the function's huge and comfy and saw all the preparation done.  Shentel will be directing the whole shoots with her sister Elizabeth.

Elena will be in soon; so I prepared all my gadgets...My head was filled with nothing but hair... 

 Elena Cheurina, The Gorgeous.

Elena reached the room and I started to check on her hair..very fine hair indeed...but at the same time was attracted to her blue eyes..( her eyes and even asked if she could give them to me hahaha)...

...I decided  to wash her hair to freshen up the scalp to ease my work in volumizing her fine hair.  With Shentel's help; we went up to the hotel's was really an amazing room they got there..

Elena's professionalism really helped a lot..she was really helpful and let her head bent down on the bath tub to let me wash.. It's awesome as Four Points conditioning shampoo worked well on her.. 

Elena is really a nice model to work complaints, no diva, friendly and committed to her work. Now I know why  she is getting more and more famous and in high demand.  Great working ethics and very down to earth...!



"curi tulang" take photos haha...

Constantly making sure her hair is in great condition

I looked awful whenever I am super-focus in my work..muahahaha...

Behind the scenes..

Preparing Elena; together with Shentel for the shoots.  It was the first time I have worked with Shentel.  I watched how she arranged all the things and made every minute counts...effective, efficient and steadfast..way to go girl..Girl Power :)   She knew exactly what she wanted; and creative too.  It's really an honour to be able to work with her and hope we can do it again soon.


Lunch break..Pei's Favourite Session of the day...
Look at all the food menu from FourPoints. Thanks to Bobby Ting, for being really friendly and helpful.  He really took great care of all the crews who worked behind the scene that making sure our lunch was a full one...hehe..
The make-up artist ordered huge plate of lamb shank..

My lunch-savoury spagetti bolognese; and Pei's fish and chips..yumyum...

A great team..model Elena, Shentel and Elizabeth of Bowerhaus and Bobby Ting of Four Points by Sheraton Hotel...and of course, me and Pei (not in this photo) haha...

 I finished about 5 pm and headed back to salon as fast as I can as I've got a cut and color appointment at 5.30pm.  Real luck that Essensuals was just 5 min away since I knew how to shortcut.  It's been a fun day and me and Pei enjoyed every bit of it..24th was a long day as we finished work at salon until 11pm..We were super-tired, but  we were contented...

Before I signed off, I would love to thank Shentel Lee and Elizabeth Lee of Bowerhaus for the invitation.. and Bobby Ting of Four Points Hotel for his hospitality during the whole shoots and ....well Pei have something to say here..She would love to thank Bobby for the best lunch she ever had; Fish and Chips...;)


Love always