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Monday, September 5, 2016

Tokyo Japan - Is it Expensive?


Yeah, I know it is 2016, almost a year since I posted my blog... I am way too busy.. juggling with work, kids and workout. So sorry for that.  I will try my best to update my blog as much as I can..Ok, let's us discussed about TOKYO. Is it expensive to visit TOKYO? Can you visit this fascinating city within the  budget of RM 1500-2000? YEAP You CAN!

2015 Oct 19, was the first time I encountered Tokyo and honestly I was so worried that I will get lost due to usual language barrier and unfamiliarity. So I read about Tokyo days and nights trying my best to remember it so I won't get lost.. I went to Tokyo with hubby,my brother and sister. With 4 person in group; we can share cheaper cost on accommodation too.

In this blog I will  share with you on how to save and yet at the same time enjoying Tokyo city.  October is a great time to go as it is not too cold and you can walk as far as you can without taxi and yet you won't feel tired due to the pleasant weather and lovely scenery.

Honestly Tokyo isn't an expensive country if you know how to save and budget. I do not understand why some people would pay RM 7-8k for 5D4N Tokyo trip.. I have friends telling me that we need about 20k to go there. I am so shocked! We only spent Rm2000 per person for the whole 5 days 4 nights in Tokyo. (based on exchange rate 10000 yen for RM 358)

Here we go! I will be sharing with you on how to save on Tokyo Trip! Firstly air ticket, Air Asia EveryOne Can Fly Free Seats OFFER has arrived and I managed to grab 4 air tickets from Kuching -KL-Haneda from 19 Oct -23 Oct 2015 at each RM 771 with AirAsia X... yes and it was a full round flight from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur to Haneda to Kuala Lumpur and back to Kuching... WAH!....RM 771 definitely a great offer for us... and to save more please do not buy seats and luggages since you want to budget. for accommodation

Secondly, accommodation. As hotel is very expensive in Tokyo, I would suggest as we rented an apartment near Shinjuku for 4 nights at RM 2000 for 4 sharing which means each we only paid RM 500 for  4 nights stay per person. Hotel will easily cost double (RM 4000) for 4 persons as I have gone through for the good reviews hotel in Shinjuku. Be hardworking to do some thorough survey thru these websites and  it saved you lot.

Tokyo Subway 24-72 Hour  Ticket

I really do not know what to expect when I reached Tokyo Haneda airport as I arrived,  it was 10.30pm already and I really do not know what time I will be reaching the apartment and was worried if I ever arrived it is always best to get map from the host with Japanese written instruction so you can get there with the help of locals and taxis( mind that taxi is super expensive in only used them for emergency )  So once you reach Haneda, walked as fast as you can to the checkout counter so you won't end up in long queue! We were lucky that we get to check out at 11pm and we headed to the subway ticket counter and bought the 24-72 hour ticket. So we bought each 1 X 24 hour ticket and 1X 72 hour ticket to save on 4 days trip within Tokyo as we only want to venture Tokyo Free and Easy ourselves. Total will be 2300 Yen, which is equivalent with RM 83 (depending on the exchange rate).

Budget Per Person RM 2000 - Rm 771(airticket) - Rm 83(Subway Ticket) = Balance RM 1146 (for food etc)

The subway ticket as above is for your tokyo city venture..keep aside and head to train station JR and purchase another ticket to head to Shinjuku.  We prefer train over bus as  I love train so if you want to take bus you can too but it takes longer to reach Shinjuku but no doubt bus will be a little cheaper. We paid 610 yen which is RM 21 for the train to Shinjuku and from Shinjuku we took taxi to the apartments as it was really very late and we have 4 luggages  - RM 35 for the 5 min trip...which can be shared by 4.

Ramen at 12 midnight

Look at the price, it is afterall still affordable

But once we reached Shinjuku we just strolled the road a bit and found this lovely Ramen shop and had our supper. They sell ramen from 500 yen to 800 yen. ( RM15-Rm 28).  I noticed that the whole journey food was not as expensive as they said; if you willing to eat with the locals. Look inside the shop and if you see lots of Japanese with black coat this is definitely  the right place to eat and the food price will be very reasonable. So you can budget RM 20 per meal for 3 meals per day which is Rm 60 per day - RM 240 for 4 days...

RM 1146 - RM 240 = RM 906 balance (for some good food, sushi, emergency taxis haha)


Shinjuku - We love this place as they sell fresh marinated seafood where you can barbecue yourself. Our bill RM 180 for 4 person sharing..YUMS!!!


Tsujiki Market

Tsujiki market

Sushi Sensoji RM 5 for 2 pieces of Salmon Sushi
Asakusa Sensoji


 I have so many photos taken but I just wanted to attached some just to give you some of the feel of Tokyo street. You can go every district of Tokyo such as Ginza, Harajuku, Shibuya, etc and explore the place according to your convenient and comfort.  As for budget wise, RM 2000 will be more  than enough, not like what they said RM 20k, unless you wanted to buy lots of branded or visit Disney Land which we did not as we wanted to venture the city only.

2016 October which is next month we will be heading to Yokohama and Tokyo (a fully sponsored trip) and will update you guys on that. As for next year, we will be planning for Beijing China and I will keep you updated on how to save and budget for this destination.

Happy Reading! Cheers!

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