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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Our Children, Our Hope, Our Future

Bon Appetit's Mission

Life is never perfect.  Never expect smooth journey as it will never happen. However,  life will be more beautiful and meaningful when you have someone to lift you up along that crooked road. These are the poor little souls' prayers.  They prayed everyday to be held up high while facing cruel challenges.  We are the same too. We make mistakes in our life, we get hurt and try to move on but healing takes time.  But when you  help these children; you recover.  The truth is, you are not helping them; they are the ones who actually heal you.

They think simple; and have never requested for anything extra.  In return, you receive the warmest smile for a simple warm meal given to them.  Their smiles, their giggles and their gestures fix the pain you've always had. But, can you see that they are in pain too?  They are left alone to fight. They have no one.  Some people don't believe that they can even make it.

She and her brother have never been to school.  They live in a tiny, poor conditioned house with no electricity and water.  Her birth certificate has no father's name.  But she knows what she wants.  She told us she wants to go to school.  She is determined but her mother cannot afford it.. Her name is Sally, 10 years old.

After a month long of retrieving her birth certificate,  Bon Appetit Team finally got it and  is in the midst of preparing her for the real school.  All these cannot be done without the help from all Bon Appetite volunteers and kind Kuchingites.

There are many more children like Sally living in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.  These children are living in poverty and could not even break the poverty due to the lack of education opportunity.  They walk away from education due to their family's financial problem.  The cycle of poverty continue as they lack of financial support due to increasing cost of living and high rate of unemployment.

In November 2016, an old truck is bought and modified into a charity food truck; named Bon Appetit Kuching.  The main purpose of this community project is to cook warm food and serve the less fortunate children around Kuching. Bon Appetit is privately funded by food ingredients donated from the public through Facebook.  Since then, Bon Appetit has encountered numerous number of children who do not attend school. Sally is one of them.  From there, Bon Appetit realised that we cannot only provide these children with warm meals once per week; but the need to help them attend school.

Uncle Bon

Bon Appetit is hoping to break the cycle of poverty among these children by helping them get to school.  We hope to get public's help in terms of the childrens' school uniforms, school fees, transportation fees, meals during school; and other related cost by paying directly to the schools; canteens, and school bus companies.

Bon Appetit aims to continue helping as many Kuching's less fortunate children as possible.
Kuchingites, Let's Do It Together to help these children change their life. For those who would like to help these children,  please do not hesitate to WhatsApp 0128016818.

Thank you.

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