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Monday, March 3, 2014

Hair Perm or Rebonding?

Hi guys! I am back!

Sorry for not being updating the blog for  I am pregnant with my 2nd child..and after the delivery;..I am back with more new ideas for you guys..

Well, in the years of my career; I have been searching and collecting the recipes of good techniques to good hair perm and wave..  Why? For only 1 reason... Just to prove that Hair Wave or Perm is nicer than Rebonded Straight Hair..

Natural Korean Wave..Serum only..

Why are there still a lot of women who wanted to rebond their hair? It is because they find it - 1. Convenient  2. Easy to style 3. Hated Mousse when they think of hair perm- conventional traditional perm need mousse to ensure tight curl  4. Do not know the existence and the wow facts of our Korean Wave...

Do you believe that our Korean Wave Technique matches all 4 points as above?  In fact it is more convenient than straight hair... You can Wash,,Condition, Serum, Twirl to dry and GO! Korean wave suits best for those who have shoulder length hair and those who wanted to grow long their hair..You usually will feel  stress when your hair touches the shoulder because at that length the hair kicks out messily...Korean Wave solved all the problems and you can grow your hair happily as the wave smooth the grow out process.
Other wise you will never grow them; you will only keep cut it shorter whenever it kicks out..

 Many women wish to have a nice wavy hair straight off the bed..Well, that is not impossible now..2014 is the year you should leave rebonding hair behind..Yes REBONDED HAIR  is extremely convenient...BUT; it is dull..not sexy..and whenever you needed a good shape from a good hair cut; it gives you zero shape.

Another reason why women chose rebonding over  hair perm is because in their mind; they think that PERMING  hair give them old looking aunty look..That is because in the past; the only option to hair perm is cold perm...and yet hairstylists have lack of experience in handling perm; so the only thing they know is to make the hair curly; and request clients to come back for a wash and blow dry.

But in this era; who has the time to make it to the salon everyday? So when you do not have the time to do so; surely your curly hair will end up looking frizzy and puffy. This type of so called cold perm is very frizzy if you do not apply mousse.. Sooner or later; your hair will be hidden under hair band everyday; or one easy way out..REBONDING the next 10 years you are looking the same..same and same...BORING!

The hairstylists' mission is to make his or her client look young..not vice versa..besides giving them an easy to maintain hair..And for those who believes that having hair wave is older looking; please change your mindset..actually long straight rebonded hair at certain age will give you older and tired looks..As for me; I wanted my clients to look 365 days looking young and trendy..not just 1 day looking nice after come out from hair salon.

For a woman; if you wanted to keep long hair.. wave is more appropriate as it gave you more body and more shape..Yes I realised a lot of women may think waving is very hard to maintain at home..waving is only for TAI TAI.. Well, I would like to prove you wrong because the Korean Wave we did for our clients only require serum and minimal styling..You can either live it to dry or diffuse it with just applying some serum; unlike in the past; where you need to put lots of mousse and diffuse at the hair salon to get the best result.

C-Curve - Blow Only..Serum only No Mousse...

Tips to beautiful wave..

A good balance cutting is very important for a good and easy to maintain waves..Hair perm is not just a hair perm nowadays..Women are not like before..They do not just perm hair just to see curls..They need a good wave for easy maintenance yet beautiful wave since women now are busy with their work; career and daily life..Long gone the era where women just perm the hair just to get a normal curl and visit salon everyday for hair wash and a blow dry in the salon...The era of "siu lai lai' is decreasing as more and more women juggling with their busy daily life and at the same time wanna look beautiful..especially their hair. So; a good balance hair cut will give you an easier to maintain wave after perm..

Have a look on the photos above..The wave is solid and natural..Stop going for a normal cold perm..It will only frizz your hair...And also..if you have limb and thin hair..stop doing Rebonding..instead; get your hair waved for better volume.

Korean Soft Wave is proven the right choice for busy women who are at the same time wanted beautiful hair plus an easy to maintain hair at home.  Wow..our women nowadays are more greedy ya?