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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to get lean muscle and nice abs in 75 days?

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Yeah, I know it is never easy to get in shape especially after giving birth to babies. After my weight increased from 43kg (pre pregnancy weight) to 69kg(pregnant weight), I have huge elephant leg, and kangaroo pouch right after my first child.  Due to  busy work in the salon (no off day) , and first baby,  I hardly have time to exercise. I was too tired to think of my body as I am mentally and physically exhausted. After 8 years, I had my second child; and I was diabetic and was very strict with my diet to keep my sugar low. Again after the birth of my second child, I was out of shape, chubby with big belly... Back to routine after confinement, my agendas were work baby work baby work baby...until one day when my youngest reached 2 years 6 months old, I was suddenly awaken by my conscience; my knee started to feel pain and I easily get tired.  I told myself it is time to love myself and my body.  Dr has told me before that I have to be careful with my diet as I am prone to diabetes since I am diabetic during my pregnancy and if I do not cut down carbs; I would probably had it; since my dad and mum have it. 

From there onwards; I told myself I better do some workout. So, I googled and tried to compile information from some friends (who workout) on how to do it the right way. Since then, I did my routine 1 hour per day to keep myself motivated;  I visualised myself with a nice abs by browsing nice abs photo online everyday to keep my fire burning. I always wanted abs ; but I do not know how to achieve it and in my mind I think I would not be able to achieve it since I do not have time for gym and workout. But a client told me once; I do not need to be in the gym everyday to get what I want as long as I eat right and workout everyday, I can do it at home too. So, I gave it a try and it really happened.  Ya, I know there are a lot of woman out there that have better shapes than me; but for me I have achieved something that really matters to me; my kangaroo pouch has now shrinking and I managed to get quite a nice abs shape. To me this is my biggest achievement after my children.
An exercise a day, keep the doctor away 

In this blog, I would like to share with you all my workout journey; my workout routine and diet that I experimented that helped me get my abs.

From my understanding, FOOD plays huge role in getting lean muscle;  I would say 80% efforts on FOOD; 20% on workout.  so ...

STEP 1: STOP ALL THE CARBS INTAKE FOR THE FIRST 4 Weeks. Let me share with you my diet:

9am: 3 eggs white with 10 blueberries,

1pm: 150g Steamed chicken breast

5pm: 4 eggs white with 10 almonds nut

8pm: 100g Steam brocoli, salad / baked Salmon 100g / Beef Pan Fried 100g/ soup with either chicken or pork rib

10 pm: 3 eggs white 

I do not take whey protein; I only eat natural protein ya...
No sweet drinks - only warm  water, warm water with lemon slice;  hot green tea.
It's not easy but eat as clean as possible to get our fat burned. If you survived the first 4 weeks, you can survived the whole journey.  I shared some clean food menu that I created for myself. I tried to make it look as beautiful as possible; so I would not feel bored and excited eating them to make myself happier.

Workout Routine

I was 50kg at the time I started my workout session. Now I am 43kg. How do I lost the 7kg in 75 days? 

 I ran 30-45 minutes - 3 times per week. Besides that, I did routine workout as below: 30 min in the morning before work, 30 min after work.. The best thing was that I did all my workout at home so that I can take care of my children at the same time. All you need are 1 yoga mat, a workout bench, and 2 dumb bells of 5kg to start with.

I did the routine as below... have a look at the below - the workout routines that I did everyday :

1- Run 30 mins 3 times per week for  4 weeks
2- Crunches  30 reps X 3
3- Lunges 15 reps X 3
4- Planks 5 min per day
5- Lifting dumb bells each hand 30 reps 
6- 8 Mins to flat abs
7- Bench workout 

You can choose the above workout and make your own combi and finished it in 30 minute.
Above are some of the workout I tested on myself; and it helped me gained the fitter me, and most importantly my toned abs.  Do not give up, stay as routine as possible for 4 weeks;  you will definitely see the different! Try it and never stop! If I can you can too! 

Some ideas on bench workout

Flat abs workout

Workout Bench

Dumb bells

Have a look on the pictures below of the progress of my 75 days of abs transformation.  I hope these sharings can help you achieve what you aimed for.  Woman, you can do it! You just need some patience and determination and a locked mouth hahaha - Say no to rice, fried food and fast food! Have fun!

1 week after workout

14 days after workout

21 days
24th day

35th day

41 day
49th day

75 days

Some of the menu of what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner during these 75 days..Once you have achieved the body shape you wanted; you can cheat some meal but do remember to do workout everyday to burn the fat off. I hope my sharing motivate you to do workout to stay fit and healthy.

Breakkie menu
Dinner menu- Apple Pork Rib Soup

Salmon and Broccoli- High Protein for dinner

Steamed Chicken Breast for lunch

Japanese Sweet Potato Corn Pork Rib Soup for dinner

Celery Broccoli Blueberries for breakfast

Superfood Protein

Rolled Oat with strawberries with almond nuts for breakfast

Breakfast menu

Salad with eggs and fruits for breakfast

Beef for protein

Eggs with almond and fruits for breakfast

Happy reading!

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