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Sunday, December 26, 2010

What is 2010 to me; and Hello 2011!

What is 2010 to me; as a hairdresser?

Well; I have so much to share about life as a hairdresser this year.. I have changed a lot; psychically, mentally and spiritually. I considered myself a very lucky person because I have enough food to eat; clothes to wear and a shelter to sleep. I really thank God for his blessings. And as an extra, I met people I wished I could meet and even personally knew them and had a life with them inspired me along the way.

This year itself I met all kind of people; positive and negative. To all the positive people; thank you for being an inspiration and motivation; for it kept me positive throughout 2010.

But; to all the negative people; I would love to express my gratitude and appreciation for your free trainings; I honestly do felt thankful to you all because, if not because of you I would not have learnt the most in 2010...You guys did keep me mentally stronger; and improved me in some aspects of life; and I learnt a lesson money cannot buy. Without you; I will never realize the fact of life and the meaning of the life. After all life is a learning path. Like Winnie Loo used to share with me; "Anything that did not kill you made you stronger!"

Whatever it is..."Happiness" is always my priority ...And I am searching for pure happiness within a person...and as a hairdresser. That is why I had a tattoo "Happiness" on the back of my head.

This year I have being very brave. I used to dislike tattoo; and percepted it as gangsterism..As I grew older and travelled around for awhile, I fell in love with it as I felt it gave me a strong feeling of being tough like Rihanna. I loved it as an art on my body. But; too bad I had to lie to my daughter that it is just a sticker haha....

I have 3 nice tattoos..which I've got them mid of this year; first one was Mystic Knot - pure happiness, health and wealth. The second one was a bangle tattooed on my hand, Maori for warriorism as I am a fighter...; third one was a word tattoo - "happiness", which very much inspired me to discover and share happiness with people surrounding me. I do not know if I would stop having new tattoo on me but I hope I can stay with 3 for now..ones that I really loved and kept me stronger and happy in facing anything in life would bring me.

P/S: I had to take 4 tablets of Actifast with a can of 100 Plus to overcome the pain...oopsss...I am still alive haha...

Mystic Knot

Maori Hand tattoo

My Happiness

Besides hair has become my own victim ...I used to have a very nice long hair in 2008; to mid length in 2009, with hair color of orange copper, blonde and white.... I enjoyed short hair this year and it's getting reallly really short now to welcome 2011. I loved the transformation as I enjoyed being different. In short I love doing total makeover on myself and; even enjoyed making over my clients. I love seeing them being unique and most importantly YOUNGER!! plus an easy maintaining hair....

2008 -Me, Winnie and a friend in Hong Kong

2008- Me, Hubby Lewis and Manne

2008 - Me and Amber

2008-Me, Lewis and Camelia

2009- Me in London Vidal Sassoon

2009- Me and Lewis in Bayswater London

2009-Sarawak Autistic Children Charity Gala Show in Kuching with Gilterama Girls

2009- Me, Brenda, Selina Aenie, Frederick in Kuching for good cause..

2009- Me and gangs for Malaysia Hairdressers Talent Night KL

2010- Me, Manne, Alvin and Richard at Stylo KL

2009- Me with Copper Short Hair

2010- Me with Blonde Hair

2010 Me in Sereni&Shentel head band.

2010-Me in platinum white

2010- a photo of myself taken by myself...

2010-Short platinum blonde

2010- Me in action


2010- "Nyamuk Aedes"

2010- Enjoying fashion

2010- My Mohawk..

2010- In action

Latest - Oopsss - Brave short hair

From the photos you can different I have become..but I love mum love my short hair....she said I am cute haha....I am happy I am unique in my own way...

I would summarize that 2010 is a positive year for me as a person.. Firstly I had a drastic change in my appearance - take a look on my transformation from 2008 to date...

Secondly; I learnt to overcome my fear of travelling alone...Winnie Jie, you are my witness...Haha..I used to scare taking flight alone worrying that the aeroplane may I always make Lewis travels with me...But amazingly 2010, I traveled alone to Singapore lots of time to meet my TG team in Singapore for training and meeting...even traveled to KL alone for the transit flight to London for Toni and Guy yearly training and updates..I am proud of myself...haha...I really do..

2010 me and my no.1 Idol Winnie Loo

Thirdly, I learnt to look at things at different point of views; and did a lot of self monitoring and appraising in handling problems that arised at work. I worked everyday with my small team of great team players from 10 am to 10pm..and only get to see my daughter and hubby for couple of hours everyday..I believed quantity is not the issue but the quality times shared together is most important.. even just for just a couple of hours everyday...At least I still get to see them everyday..unlike some family, due to oversea work they only see each other two or three times a year...

Lovely every morning with hubby and baby..

Being a hairdresser, 2010 is also a great year for me and my team. We often get invitations for charity function; mostly charity cut to raise fund for Kuching Autistic Children, Sarawak Children with Cancer, Perkata etc. I hope in 2011, we can help more.

2010 Go Bald

2010, is another year that me and my team get to share our ideas of hair in Malaysia Hairdressing Gala Night in KL; which is also another great year of myself in supporting Hair Malaysia Competition; being one of the judge for the event. I am proud being a Malaysian Hairdresser as I saw many young talents have mushrooming in West Malaysia...and I hope it is also the same in my own home town Kuching....To my guys are really talented...and keep up the good work and improve yourself everyday...

P/S; I learnt a lot from you all too as much as you guys has learnt from me...

Me and my students..

Me and Students during Spring Fashion Week.

Me and my team at MHA

Me as a judge at Hair Malaysia Competition 2009

Me as a white hair judge at Hair Malaysia Competition 2010 :)

Me with other esteem Judges of Hair Malaysia 2010

Getting model's hair ready for MHA 2010 in Toni and Guy Academy KL

Gratefully, my clients base has also increased and I am so happy that I get to do hair for so many great people in my beloved hometown Kuching everyday. I am so blessed that my work is greatly appreciated and loved. Here, I would like to take an opportunity to thank all of my clients for supporting, trusting, and believing in my skills. I will try my very best to give the best to you all..Thank you for your great supports.

2010 London

2009/2010 as Toni and Guy Team

My most excited moments this year was meeting Toni Mascolo , founder of Toni and Guy and all the Toni and Guy Artistic Team in London.

Besides that; when Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee of Sereni&Shentel (an upcoming and leading headband business ) visited our Essensuals salon for haircut and haircolor; I was very excited too. Both of them are super friendly and talented's great to be East Malaysian..and there are so many great talents yet to be discovered in this island Borneo we called home...


I also catched up with my Singapore team in almost every month in Singapore and went to London last Oct 2010 with some of them (super cool people).... Xavier Mah during MHA (gosh he is another young and talented man...and he has a fan page guys...checkout, and Brenda Chiah during her chinese new year programme shooting in Kuching lately (her new drama series will be on NTV7 soon, 30th December 2010). So, tell me.....I do not have any reason to not like my job as a hairdresser ....haha...

Me and my TG Team from Singapore. My idol Mr David Mercer is standing right next to me..

Me and Xavier Mah

Me and Brenda Chiah

Despite of all the positive things that happen in my life as a hairdresser, I faced 2 saddest incidents this year; incidents that really put me in great tests..incident after another continuously without a break at all; which I admitted that I nearly failed at it..

First incident was when I lost all my ten pair of scissors when some bad guy just smashed my car window and stole my precious 10 years collection of scissors which I hide in my car boot. I lost everything..identity card, passport, phones and my more than 10 years red bag which I always brought with me whenever I traveled (you can spot the bag in some of the photos).

Second incident was when I lost a great loyal friend Tung Tung of 13 years of great companion..I had to let him go due to his great suffer in pain..I remembered clearly the effect of the just one shot that end his pain and of course his life....It was heart breaking...and I was so down for awhile...but I told myself he will always be around and he will never be forgotten..I really miss him; and how handsome he was ...

Tung Tung, in rememberence forever (a day before he left me forever...)... I love you..

2011 is a year I am looking forward to; as my resolution is to search for pure happiness...2001 would be the time I am pursuing the happiness in life as a woman, a mum, a wife and most importantly a hairdresser..

2010 make me realised something in life....

"Prosperity is not Wealth but Happiness....Prosperity is Happiness"

To Pei, and Chung, thank you for your great contribution to this unique team and I wish us all a great success in the future and more excitement in 2011.

To Winnie Loo and David Mercer; both of you are always my idols and thank you for all the guidances and inspirations.

To Henne, Dict, Quester, Isaac, Janice, Jacky, Patsy, and Roy; thanks for the sharing..

To Cherrine and Tiger, thank you for everything and thank you for showing me what true friendship meant in life.

To hubby Lewis, thank you for being the strongest one among us all; overcoming all the stress in life and showing me what persistency and consistency really mean. I wish you more success in 2011 and years ahead...Stay Happy and Healthy. To Tyan my little girl, thank you for making mummy happy at all the time even by just looking at you...

To my mum Alice, thank you for being the most understanding person; good or bad, happy or sad...without you..I am not who I am today...

Goodbye 2010....Hello 2011!