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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


All You Guys Need Is PATIENCE....

In my previous blog I shared with you about what is "life" as a Hairdresser. What do I do for a living? I am sure you all know. ;) ....
Let me share with you a little detail in my hairdressing career. I do not only cut hair, perm hair, color hair, or style clients’ hair; but I am also sharing my long learnt skills with my students at the hair academy with a group of great trainers whom I admire and respect for their hardworking and sincerity in performing their work.

I have my Monday as routine; sharing my haircut techniques with my students at Cutting Edge The Hair Academy, Jalan Abell Kuching; who has a twinning programme with Toni and Guy Singapore. Monday is always my favourite day of the week as I get to mingle with my students and fellow trainers.

HairUp -only with real hair..
Students Daphne and Eason washing real hair..Clients are happy with good service at RM 6 only for HairWash And HairBlow.

Student, Erica and Eason, cut hair...they are happy because they get to cut real hair. Clients are happy because hair cut by student is only RM 5.

Usually we will start the day with revision of the previous haircuts that they learnt in the previous lesson. I would oversee the students’ body postures when performing certain haircuts. I would also check the haircuts, ensuring the cut is precise and accurate. A good haircut is a balanced cut with balanced sectioning, allevation, and distribution of the hair. Other than that, students learn how to draw technical drawings of the haircut they learnt.

I am quite a strict trainer as I hope I can pass the most of me to my students. I wanted them to learn as much as they can from me so they can excel in the future as a hairstylist. During the training, Cutting Edge The Hair Academy’s students get to cut not only dolly head, but real hair. Where do they get to cut the real hair?

Award winning Trainer Lewis Fong guiding student Erica, how to cut 'ang moh" hair. "Ang Moh" client is happy because to she only pay Pound Sterling 1 for that haircut.

The trainers would bring them for charity cut at blind centre, orphanage home, etc…Besides that the hairdressing students get to cut walk in clients who want SUPERLOW Prices at our academy.

These walk in clients became the hair academy regular and always come back for hair cut done by the students. They come back because they trust the students’ skills; and they saw how the trainers guide the students; making sure their hair is properly cut.

Students Erica, Eason and Gerald focusing on their haircut...

Students Natalia, preparing to cut hair...

Students MingKang and his academy mate enjoying their training...

Student Sharifah, get to learn how to shave. FUN!

All the students get to learn with real hair...Clients get to enjoy hair services at SUPER DUPER LOW rate..In other words..WIN WIN is achieved.. :)

Check out the hair academy SUPERLOW PRICE:

Price Lists (Hair done by hair academy students): HAIR WASH RM 3, HAIR BLOW RM 3, HAIR WASH & BLOW RM 6, HAIRCUT RM 5, HAIR COLOR (SHORT/LONG) RM 38/50, HAIR PERM (SHORT/LONG) RM 38/50, STYE Hair RM 5, HAIR TREATMENT RM 10. Be our academy students' LIVE MODEL!

Hair Academy Opening Hours: 10am-5pm Monday - Friday only
Tel: 082-238969

So guys, please visit Cutting Edge The Hair Academy in Jalan Abell if you need a hair cut, color or perm at a SUPERLOW bargain. Give the hairdressing students there a chance to learn more on real hair. Less worry, the hair academy has reputable and experienced trainers to guide them.

Hope to see you guys there!

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