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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Malaysian HairShow That You Cannot Miss!

Malaysians for Malaysians!

Hey guys! I have a great news to share here....  This year Malaysia Hairdresser Association (MHA) Gala  will be held at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 29th November at 7pm.  It is a yearly gathering of the industry's top local hairdressers.

                                          Me and team mates at MHA Gala 2010

                                                 Some photos from past MHA Gala

                                                    MHA Committee Members 2011
In short, it is a platform created by a team of  Malaysian great hairdressers; for all Malaysian hairdressers to share their ideas and creations; and this year theme will be Illusion Hair Fiesta. The theme itself sounds really interesting...illusive creations I must say! I've been told by Malaysia renowned hair guru Winnie Loo that we will see all famous hair teams performing including herself.. She added that all stage models will be recruited from Amber Chia Academy.  Additionally, big brands like  Loreal, Wellsen. Craft, and PCQ are also teamed up as sponsors to support this year hair gala.

Everyone thought that a hairshow is just for hairdressers.  It is not true because in clothing fashion show; you will see spectators from all different industries; and not only fashion designers.  Hair show is very likely the same too.  So we hope to see more people; not only hairdressers but also the public to join us and celebrate the event with us.  Tickets from RM 220 (Non VIP) - RM 280 (VIP) per person and RM 2200 - RM 2800 per table are available now.  For those who are interested and keen to experience the show, you are welcomed to contact MHA President Billy Lim at 012-9744900.

See you there!!


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  1. Beside Loreal, Wellsen. Craft, and PCQ are sponsoring MHA Gala 2011, Wella, MP, Change, La Brasiliana, Alken, Gold Goh Makeup... also the sponsors. We will have professional dancer, singer, top hairdressers from Indonesia & Philipine to entertain everyone there...