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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FAYE WONG 2011 Concert - Something I Will Never Want To Miss...

2011, another memorable year to me....Faye Wong Concert, a concert I have been waiting since 2004..This time is really special as I brought my daughter Tyan along..lucky she is 6 years old and allowed in...Faye has given me unforgettable memories in my different stages in life.   1999 Concert 1: My dating days;  2004 Concert 2: Married days; and 2011 Concert 3: Family Life.  

2011 Concert

2004 Concert

1999 Concert

It was so cool to know from a friend that she saw us in I-Channel news, a day after the the minutes 0:33.  She recognized my platinum hair hubby and my little ones.  I was actually trying to get a hair band to tie my sweaty daughters' hair.  Fated I guess...

Spotted my hair and hubby and Tyan at minute 0:33

Below are some of the video shots I captured from far far away... How I wish I can afford VVIP seats in the future...You know la...last 2 concerts, tickets were for for three wor..So I have to budget budget ar...But thank God I still be able to make it...The concert started at 8pm sharp and; ended also sharp at 10pm.

Most of the  the photos I posted here were from facebook that other fans posted up..Thanks guys...She was so far from us...I couldn't not even took her photos...all photos taken were blurred...

It was really a cool experience...This time the stage production was really good...There were lots of cool lighting, high tech transformation, special effects etc...and Faye changed her attires quite frequently compared to the first and second concert.. The only thing that really had not changed over the years were her styles...I meant, her supercool attitudes..For the whole concerts she only said 4-5 thank you-s.  But this did not make me and hubby lost our concerntration.  She had a very great voice stamina and I did not notice any out of tune during her performances.. She sang about 26 songs if I am not mistaken.  Seeing her as a top superstars amazed me as she owned the stage; and everyone who attended the concerts were touched and amazed by her songs and her cool personality.  If one day I can have the opportunity to touch and cut her hair, it would be really a dream comes true....

Faye Wong, if you really happen to read this blog...please remember that I would like to cut your hair; no matter how old you are, because you are a great superstars and you always lead us with new hairstyles... I wish one day you will call me up and allow me to give you a great hair cut...P/s My salon phone number with international area code  +006082362788.  Hope to hear from you soon....Guess I am dreaming hah? Dream big, no wrong right....?  Winnie Loo told me once..."DARE TO DREAM BIG!"....

Love Faye always,



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