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Friday, February 17, 2012

Malaysia Hairdressing Association Gala Night 2011

Hello everyone,

I have been very busy throughout end of 2011 and has been delaying writing this blog.  Now since it's off peak; I've got to update this blog.

2011 MHA Gala Night was held at Shang-Ri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 29th November; and I would love to share our team creation for the night.  We named it, "Sleeping Beauty"...You will see lots of photo attached in this blog I promised.  

Well, well, well...MHA Gala Night is always the best night where all hairdressers around Malaysia get together to showcase their creations. 2011 theme was Illusion Hair Fiesta...and it was a great theme to crack our mind as a hairdressers haha..

In the beginning, we really had no idea what we should do since we were only flying over to KL the morning of 29th and we figured out that we do not want to carry too much stuff as it would be a nightmare traveling with.  We had no fashion labels here in Kuching to get the clothes from...we felt so helpless in the beginning...We had no ideas at all...but 3 days before the gala, ideas kept running thru our head..we brainstormed and all sort of crazy ideas came thru....

We even thought of using to carry those..where to find those?...We were very worried to be honest..

Eventhough, it is our few times participating the shows, we hope as a Sarawakian we can show off a bit Sarawakian Hairdressers' skills hehe......

Then we were thinking of something white, plain, pure, and beautiful..We were imaging a beautiful long hair woman sleeping on pure white bed..SO...we thought of getting her walking with bed on her..But...  how to put a model on a bed and make them walk? We thought of getting woods and nail it on the model once we get to KL.  But how to carry those was really a stress...

Lastly we decided to get 2 pillows...very light ones...and bought white clothes to make 2 pure white pillow case; and also 14 meters of white clothes to make it into clothes for the models; since we really could not find any fashion label for the models.....As we prepared the luggage with all the things needed; we prayed to God and hoped for no humiliation...

As soon as we reached KL, we headed straight to the location to get ourselves ready.  We were very happy that the models Jean and May from Amber Chia Academy were already arrived...and found both of them have sufficient a long hair  for our creation..Here, I would like to thank Ms Winnie Loo for helping us prebooked the long hair models earlier..and not to forgetting Ms Amber for borrowing us  2 beautiful swans; Jean and May..

We started preparing the model at 2 pm and the preparation hall was huge and it was cool to see so many hairstylists in the room preparing too..but at the same time prayed that our minimalist creations could also stand out.

Lewis did the make up while me and the rest of the team started to prepare the models' hair.

Starting to zigzag Jean's the hair for volume

Look at the models before the transformation.  Team mate Chung sectioning the hair for setting.

Special makeup

Lewis started his make up session for May

Preparing for the model clothes..the 14 meters white clothes divided by 2 persons..we are trying to create Alexander Mcqueen's haha...

Making sure hair is tighten..

                                                                            Our special wardrobe-white clothes and needling on the spot

Team work
Finding ways...

How to fix the head on the pillow??

The finishing job..yeah!!  Team work rocks!!! Thanks to both cool models..May and Jean...

Final sleeping beauty

Too pretty..

Sleeping Beauty 2012 May and Jean

the best look we ever did for MHA Gala

Touch up

Look at her...brilliant job team

Falling asleep beautifully..

Famous fashion blogger Kee Hua Chee with our Sleeping Beauty...

model have to lie down to get the feel..haha...

Cool creations of other hairdressers for Illusion theme...

inside the preparation hall
After the show...Chung, May, Jean, Me and Lewis..

It ain't easy to be a hairdresser...and it is even tough to be a skillful one..Being a hairdresser  is a continuous learning career.....and it takes patience, persistency and time to master it..  That is why I love my work..Too challenging but worth it..

Lastly.. I would like to thank MHA for inviting us to be part of the gala ..and especially to Mr Billy Lim, MHA President; Ms Winnie Loo and MHA committees for being very helpful during the whole show..

Thanks guys...


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