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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Malaysia Tatler, East Side Story - Behind The Scene

15th Feb is not a normal day for me and my team as we have some fun and cool assignment to do.. From 8 am - 6pm, I was at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching alongside with my team mates, and Malaysia Tatler crews; preparing to rock the shooting session for the cool writeup on amazing people of Kuching - EAST SIDE STORY.    Well, according to Malaysia Tatlers' fashion stylist Azza Arif, my task is to recreate the 1950s' and 1960s' looks for all 19 great Sarawakians whom has their very own unique story to share.

In this blog, I shared some behind the scenes photos..and photos said a thousand words....Happy Browsing...!

Malaysia Tatler April 2012 - Featuring all cool  Sarawakian...EAST SIDE STORY

I am proud to see myself in the contributors column..                                                                                                                        I would like to thank Malaysia Tatler for the opportunity to share my work.

The cast of 19 amazing people who make a difference in  changing the lifestyle of   Sarawakian.

My favourite page in the mag... - The GLam girls...featuring  superfriendly Datin  Esmila Saruji, Shentel Lee,                                                           Elizabeth  Lee, Olivia Ling and Sereni Linggi.

Busy Busy Busy

wowowowow Beehives!! Shentel Lee turned  Amy  Winehouse...

Forever gorgeous Sereni Linggi 

Lovely Diana Lau turn Taylor Swift ;)

Lewis is busy setting hair for Christine Ling before the final touch..
Chung and myself ...busy busy busy.. .Sweet Joanna Ling, and elegant Esty Dato' Saruji

cool rollers!

Look at all the people...



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