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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Real Kylie Lipstick?

There are so many Kylie lipsticks out there. How would you know if you are buying the real ones? Let me share with you the differences to ensure you are buying the original.

Real Kylie

Left: Real       Right: Fake

What does the Fake Kylie looks like:

The Bottle size:
Fake Kylie is slightly smaller with less shine bottle. 

The Print:
Look at the word printing. It is less clear and thin wording. 

The Color:
Both are Kylie Maliboo colours; but what is the difference? totally different color tone.

The Texture:
Fake lipgloss has different texture and it does not last whole day. 

The LipStick Cap:
The lipstick cap's laminated black coating will come off easily.

The Lip Stem: 
Fake Kylie lipstick stem stick is total white and cheap. Original Kylie stick colour is transparent white.

Fake Kylie is around RM 20-40 per stick

Other comparisons:

Real Kylie lipstick cover cannot stand by its self, while the fake one can.. Another point, can you see white plastic ring stopper inside the real Kylie? Fake one doesn't have the plastic ring stopper.

Real Kylie lipstick has blurry translucent white stick, while fake Kylie has very white stick.
Real Kylie has moist texutre which is easier to apply. Those fake ones easily dries up.  

Upper:Real    Lower:Fake

Where can you get REAL KYLIE LIPSTICK?

You can get real original Kylie USA from Cutting Edge The Hair Salon, Jalan Abell (082-23869) and Essentials Hairdressing(082-362788)