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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Say NO to FEVER!! H1N1 SECOND WAVE? NO!!!!!!!

I was not in good sleep for about 5 baby Tyan had a very strong fever. I sent her to 3 doctors; 2 clinics and 1 chinese doc whom I called "SIN SEI MA"...

First night was scary..she was talking nonsence..all in the sudden at 4 in the morning she said to me, "Mummy, Yiyi mummy(my younger sister) and uncle Tak are shouting at each other"..I was huh? I ask when, she said "now lo" ...I was numbed and scared and texting my sister straightaway and there were no reply so I was at know lah...we are chinese and we have so much pantang...they said it was the children soul that flew somewhere so I on the lights the whole night watching her closely after giving her medicine. The earliest morning I sent her to Dr Bibiana Teo...unfortunately it was not was the replacement doc. He gave me orange flavour medicine and antibiotic..which was not the usual.

Then I went to work after sending her to my mum and kept in touch with her. GOSH I WAS SO DIZZY...

Her fever got heat up at night after she was home with me and I was terrified with her condition, I gave her an insertion to her butt. But in the morning her fever still there. Her whole neck was so so hot. I was so angry with the FEVER I brought her to see doc again, this time was Dr Choo, my doctor since I was born. Same, antibiotic and fever medicine.

AGAIN!! ... Around 7 pm I went to pick her and brought her to SIN SEI MA at Inti College nearby with a hope she would be able to heal my girl. She was so so so old already and its been awhile I had not seen her..I reached her house and asking for her and thank God, she was there ALIVE hahaha...I prayed to God for her longlife....

She quickly touched my girl's head and neck and said,"She had bad infected throat" Wasting no more time, her grand daughter took red onion and a tiny piece of rough salt and passed it to her; and the aunt rubbed my girls' back of the ear with the onion and poked the ear with the salt. My girl looked cool and did not even move. So glad. After the ear, the aunt continued the same procedure to the back bone and the tummy; claiming by doing so her heat will be let off. I believe it because my mum used to bring my brother and sister to her to get treatment for sickness that hardly heal with normal doctor..Bizarre but it is true.

The same night, my girl slept comfortably compared to other nights. And me? I at least can have a rest. So glad. Whoah....everything getting better for her.. Gosh my cousin's son was in hospital because of fever and I heard H2 N2 coming? I mean H1 N1 2nd wave...I hope not...

Now after a long stress week, I got a nice rest after work and watched 2012 with my hubby at MBO, again I was shown the world that comes to an it true? If it's true, we really need to appreciate everyone surround us.


  1. So glad that Tyan is okay now..

    2012.. that's why I never like to watch that kind of movie :x

  2. ya..thank god..i heard my far cousin's son still at hospital;)