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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hairdressing As A Career. A Good Choice....

Hairdressers As A Career. A Good Choice...

Talking about a life and a career...Which one do you consider? A life having to work VERY hard or a life with easy money? I guess everyone will choose to have an easy life, easy money. But think thoroughly....easy money usually do not last long. Ask every successful men on earth, they gone through many pains and failures to get there.

Persistency and discipline are required as a hairdresser..

Being a hairdresser is not an easy job but personally I felt it guaranteed us a life of "no starvation". Why? Well for example, let's say I am now jobless...and very hungry, I can easily have a bowl of noodle without having to steal it... I can just take out a pair of scissors of mind and offer to cut a cook's hair for a free bowl of noodle. True enough, with the skills that I have, I will not starve to death.....

It sounds logic to me..however many give up halfway as a hairdresser because of wanting easy fast money.. Skills are to be developed within a time frame and it cannot be mastered overnight...yet those who have little talent usually took even longer time to master certain skills . Learning hairdressing is neither hard nor easy. Patience, Passion, Persistency, Discipline and Quality skills are the key words. With all that, there is no way we cannot be successful as a hairdresser.

Every hairdresser will go thru a phase which I named it "a hairdressing cycle". Before one can work in a salon, he or she must go thru a training in hairdressing academy for a period of 8 months to 12 months. Then when they graduated, they will start from assistant level to junior stylist level before proceeding to pro-stylist and senior stylist level.. It took years to reach there.
And in my 10 years of working in Kuching as a hairdresser I saw many give up hairdressing for something else as they could not work hard and lack of patience.

As a hairdressing student, their job is to learn as much as they can.

Look around us. There are hundreds of hairdressers but not many are on the top. What makes them different? It took decades to succeed sometimes. Who can do it? Not many, because not many have that kind of patience.

For example, Winnie Loo, an idol of took her 35 years to be at where she is now..35 years of long hours working, 7 days a week working...working...working...and working...and still she is working even until today...I supposed at her stage now she does not have to bother working anymore but why is she not stopping??? ..I asked her once, she told me she wanted to touch the stars......The only difference I see is that; now she allowed herself one day off per week.. Only now...can you imagine? How many can do this?

Being a hairdresser, we are blessed having many great successful hairdressers as our inspiration. And in my case, Ms Winnie Loo is my inspiration.
From left to right, Alex of LaMode, Chung from Cutting Edge Kuching, Jacqueline (me) from Essensuals by Toni and Guy Kuching, Lewis from Cutting Edge Kuching, and Winnie Loo of A Cut Above in red.

Being a hairdresser when we won any hair awards, we felt grateful as all the hard work paid off.

But everything starts from zero, from a student; to a great future stylist.

As a hairdresser, we get to perform on stage: Mr Lewis Fong of Cutting Edge The Hair Salon and Academy and his models during Malaysia Hairdresser Association Gala Night 2009.

Being a hairdresser, it keeps us connected to other hairdresser around the world too.
From left to right, Henne Mercer from Toni and Guy Singapore, Jacqueline (me) of Essensuals Toni and Guy Kuching, Lewis Fong from Cutting Edge Kuching, Isaac Ng from Toni and Guy Singapore

Being a hairdresser; we also got the chance to do hair shows and share our ideas.

As a hairdresser; we keep learning and can never stop..

As A Hairdresser, our Skills are valuable... but, we all started as a student...

As a hairdresser; we are not only doing clients' hair but also do hair fashion.

As a hairdresser; we get to do charity for the needy. For example, we cut for free for the needy.

And as a hairdresser; our life is full of color....
I sallute all the hairdressers who never complain working late every night, 7 days straight without fail... To Lewis, Chung, Chang, and Pei, you guys are the best...!!

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