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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Girls, how to deal with very Damaged Long Hair?

Bad hair day? or Very bad damaged hair? Or both?...

Bad hair under microscope

How to solve this problem? In this blog I will share some tips on how to change your mindset about hair and damaged hair into healthy and easy to maintain hair; yet young looking you.  I may sound harsh; but it is the truth that you really need to know and I will be as honest as possible in sharing with you my thoughts and experiences; that I gained from many years of my work in the hair salon.

Okay, first of all, what happened when you found out that  your hair become brittle and have split ends? I believed most of us will do lots of hair treatment at home? Spend thousands of ringgit in salon doing treatment ? and after that went home and tied them up? ..and living in denial that the hair will be ok right? Hihihihi... Sorry to say this but I really need to tell you..- The only difference is that the hair may get a little softer and not tangled that much..however, the split ends - will be there forever...

So how can we fix it for good?  Yes!! Get a perm! Woohooo...Get a rebond!!!

Ah-Ah!!! Nope...The real fact that you need to make yourself understand is that split ends won't go anywhere unless you "Cut" them off; and maintain the hair with moisture shampoo, conditioner, and split ends prevention serum to ensure the bad damaged hair never come back.

Let me re-set your mind about your hair....

Prior to wedding
But less worry, having to chop all your bad hair off is not the end of the world my dear.  Hair can always grow back..I can understand that for some people it get really slow to grow their hair.  You can use hair tonic and apply it on the scalp every time after hair wash; and it helps speeding the regrowth.  Unless you reallly need to keep the length of the hair for your wedding;   I would totally understand that.  You can always chop them off after the wedding.

Commitment to love..
What if your hubby have a traditional mindset that woman must have long hair to look woman? The truth is that now you have long damaged and dead hair with you; you would probabyly need to make him understand why you need to chop it off; and you can discuss with him earlier; and show him lots of hair photos to get him feels okay with the targeted new length.  I bet you do not want to go home seeing him mad....haha...  Yeah...I totally understand that most couple need to get approval from the other half in whatever they do.  I do not think that this is a control thing..but I felt that it is some kind of the commitment and I totally respect that.  Believe me I know..I have a husband too..

Take a look on some of the photo here; with variety of the lengths that you can choose from:

Resistant to change
Sometimes, it is not so much about the hubby's approval...but your stubborness...
Have you own your long hair for more than 5-10 years now? Each time you visited a hair salon you only allow your stylist to only trim it for just an inch..just an inch?...I bet by now your hair should be torn already... rough and superdry...And am I correct when I say that you always felt you have big round face - as huge as your bum? ahahahaha...; Look at the photo you  look attractive in the picture below?

What did you see?

I found out that there are a lot of the ladies out there who love short hair; but dare not cut it shorter or medium length because they stucked with the ideas that the public have set, "long hair = woman; short hair = man.  That is why even when your hair felt like a dreadlock; you will still try you best to keep it so you can tie them up in ponytail.  Imagine you are living your 365 days with ponytail behind you, and a tank of cooking oil on the scalp..What do you see in the mirror? You looked as if you have short hair don't you?
Stylish eh?

To me long damaged hair is just a burden to your head..Please believe that beautiful hair=healthy hair..  Do not be afraid to change...Don't stick too long to your status quo. Get rid of the bad ones, regrow your new hair..Please set your mind that it is okay..

Fresher look with good color tone..
Look at Rapunzel...She have super long hair as you can see here..  However, at the end of the day she had her magic hair cut off to save  her kingdom.  The different between you and her is that you cut your damaged hair to save yourself.


When you are at the age of 12-25, it is super nice to have long hair as you still have the energy to maintain them.  By the time you are 26-40; you are married and you are superbusy with work and kids at home, you totally forget about yourself.  The only kind thing you did to your hair is tying them up.  Days after days, weeks after weeks and years after years you practice it, you are seen with greasy hair and flat hair...Side effect no. 1: Balding hair; side effect no 2: You smell gross and looked tired;  side effect no. 3: Your hubby started to feel that he is sleeping with an aunty...etc..

So, it is about time that you need to adapt to an "easier to maintain" hair where you can just wash and go...hahaha...and of course a little styling before you walk out of the door.

Balding hair 

NO HARM TRYING!  Always remember your hair will grow.  Stop growing damaged hair.   Get a new hairstyle at your comfortable level..Talk to your stylist and discuss together which new stylish hairstyle you would love to try out. Compliment your new hair with a suitable color.  Please remember to treat your hair hair and scalp with a reasonably good treatment to ensure your hair and scalp ph level is recovered back to its original state. Try it and you will be amazed by yourself...Trust me; I have done that with a lot of my clients and they love it...

Happy Trying! Don't worry..Hair will never stop growing...


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