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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Budget Vacation Tips: Bangkok 2012 -Part 1

2nd Best Time at Bangkok (Part 1-Day 1)

Too good to be true!  I love Bangkok too much I  flew in again after 3 months..I went last June (2012) and then this time in September...and the group gets bigger..I went with my colleagues (same trip group who went to Bandung with me in April); with a mission to accomplish...To change my sister Jess's mindset about how Bangkok is - "not fun at all"...Let's see if I succeed..

Well, we went from 25th September until 29th September.  Again, we bought air ticket at good bargain...Kuching to Kuala Lumpur at RM 55 return plus RM 288 to Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur - return ticket as!!! Everyone can fly now! Thanks Air Asia...

We stayed at TuneHotel Asoke which was launched 14th September and ..believe it or not I was lucky enough to purchase a sharing room for 2 persons at only RM19.90 a night online
with add on 12 hours air conditioner and tv - total of about RM 49 only.  I know it is mad..I am happy..we are happy...New! CHeap! Comfortable and oh my! Just opposite Terminal 21...

Look at the map..Tune Hotel is just 2 minutes walk to Asok BTS..and Terminal 21 shopping mall is linked to Asok BTS..Very Convenient..

Tune Hotel Asoke..

Two months before the departure, I planned a thorough tour schedule of  5 Days 4 Nights..let me share with you's fun to plan for your own tour as you will learn alot and I felt like I am a Thai now hehe..

Look at the schedule below..The time and locations were good enough for us to venture the whole Bangkok in 4 days..

Time 25th Tuesday 26th Wednesday 27th Thursday
7.00 am
8.00 am Meet at airport 9am Breakfast Free and easy
9.00 am Flight to KL Dusit Zoo Free and easy
10.00 am Flight to KL Dusit Zoo Take boat to Khaosan
11.00 am Reach Kl Dusit Zoo Take boat to Khaosan
12.00pm Lunch at LCCT Dusit Zoo Walk to Khaosan
1.00pm Check in for BKK flight Siam Paragon Walk to Khaosan
2.00pm Waiting Time Siam Paragon Walk to Khaosan
3.00pm Flight to BKK Back hotel rest  Back to hotel
4.00pm Reach BKk after 2 hrs Back hotel rest  Back to hotel
5.00pm Take train to Tune Terminal 21 Siam Paragon
6.00pm Check in Tune Hotel Terminal 21 Siam Paragon
7.00pm Venture terminal 21 Terminal 21 Siam Paragon
8.00pm Dinner at Yaowarat Terminal 21 Siam Paragon
9.00pm Dinner at Yaowarat Terminal 21 Siam Paragon
10.00pm Shop at Yaowarat Supper at ASOKE Back Hotel Rest
11.00pm Back Hotel Supper at ASOKE Back Hotel Rest
12.00pm Rest

Time 28th Friday 29th Saturday
7.00 am Meet at tune lobby
8.00 am Free and easy go airport
9.00 am Free and easy go airport
10.00 am Meet at Tune Lobby Check in luggage KL
11.00 am Platinum Mall
12.00pm Platinum Mall Flight back KL
1.00pm Platinum Mall
2.00pm Platinum Mall
3.00pm Platinum Mall Reach KL
4.00pm Platinum Mall Check in lugg KCh
5.00pm Platinum Mall
6.00pm Platinum Mall
7.00pm Dinner  Flight back Kuching
8.00pm Dinner
9.00pm Dinner Reach Kuching
10.00pm Back Hotel Rest
11.00pm Back Hotel Rest

You can use the schedule above..if you like ;)...

Throughout the trip, we used  mostly trains..Read more to find out how...

I would like to share some photos and exciting new foods and places with you least you know more about Bangkok before heading there.. Eventhough this is the second time being in Bangkok this year itself...I still felt the excitement as  I still see new things....the more I travelled to Bangkok..the more I felt myself at home...

From the tour schedule, we did all of it.....we are discipline you know? We don't want to miss a thing hihi...Big major shopping malls covered, Dusit Zoo (new adventures), RM 10 Boat Noodle, Boat ride to Khaosan Road, lovely Yaowarat, etc..

First Day 

We reached Bangkok at 4 some, since we took half day to fly  in to Bangkok..How I wish Air Asia can fly to Bangkok straight from Kuching..since Singaporean can fly in to Bangkok straight too..

And we took train to Tune Hotel by using airport train from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi; which costed us RM4.50 only; we stopped at Phaya Thai station..and from Phaya Thai we took sky train BTS Ratchthewi to BTS ASOK (about RM 3 if  I am not mistaken) and walked to Tune Hotel Asoke--2-5 minutes adventurous...Taking taxi would take you ages to reach hotel during peak time...

At BTS waiting for the train...the Sky train is comfy and  the air con is so cold.

My sister does not trust public transportation and think it is a waste of time.....But in is so much and comfortable..I do not want to be stuck in jam...So travelling with train is so so comfortable..unless the location from A to B is very near..taking taxi would be a good option if you are carrying a lot of things..

With me, she was amazed that she could save a lot of money and time..and we all had so much fun..

Train Map

                                                            Tune Hotel..small but cozy..

Toilet is very huge..not bad..

Big head shower..

comfortable new bed..for only RM 19.90 per worth...

Terminal 21 at night
After we checked in Tune Hotel, we went to Terminal 21 shopping mall just across the road to look look see see before taking Tuk Tuk to Yaowarat for seafood dinner...Taking Tuk Tuk to Yaowarat (Bangkok China Town) is the best mode of transportation..

2 beautiful girls with 1 handsome boy wahahahahaha...

Looking at the menu - T & K seafood is always the choice..yum yum


Foumd no seats we crawled to level 2 and the ceiling was so low..

fresh only RM 6

all the nice seafood

Cool prawn..


along Yaowarat
We went to chinese shop nearby..oops forgot the name ...we bought so much dry food at Rm 5 - Rm 10 per packet only...Dry food like crab crackers, fish cracker and dried barbecued pork to take home for souveniers..lovely.. We went back to hotel using tuk tuk and rest for the long day..and got a good comfy sleep to be readied for 2nd day tour...

Stay Tune for part 2..
To be continued..;)


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