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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Superwoman; An Inspiration.

Lum Kah Yee, 24 Kuching Sarawak; A Woman, An Inspiration...

Kah Yee at work..a pharmaciist...

Kaglad that ee on the wheel chair..Nothing can stoppedYour...

I first met her in my salon. She came in with her sister,Kah Ling who is our regular client.  My eyes were on her wheel chair.  I wondered what had happened to her.  But she has something special in her.  Her bright smile and she gave me the positive impression that, "Hey, I am alright..I am just like you..I am cool..don't worry"..

She had an appointment with us for a wash and hair cut. I did a consultation for her, checking on the hair length she wants and what she needed for her haircut.  She knew what she wanted.  Straightforward and decisive.. She had a wash and she single handedly, helped herself to the basin area for a wash first.  I was amazed and touched.

After the haircut, she was so happy, that she praised me for a great cut.  I felt truly happy to see her bright smile.  But, throughout the cutting process, I did not even dare to ask her questions..why, when, how, etc.  I figured that I should not make her feel uncomfortable since it's her first visit.

Time passed by and she became our regular, and whenever Kah Ling, her younger sister came back from KL, she would come in for hair cut, perm, color,wash or treatment.  And from there, I had a chat with Kah Ling.  I learnt that she is a special one..and her determination, positivity and persistency were way till the top. I felt if I were her, I may not be that strong...I salute her.

I decided that I should interview her for my blog, sharing her life experiences with others..She shall be a great motivator, and inspiration to lot of unfortunate people in Kuching, our lovely homeland.  I believe, she is happy to be an inspiration to all..

I was so happy when I received a 'yes' from her when I sent her message in FB if I can interview her online for my blog..At the time, she was admitted to hospital due to wound at her back that caused her fever which needed close monitoring..  Eventhough she was in the hospital, and I was so busy in the salon; we both managed to finish the interview together...As now she was recovering; I hope I can meet her soon in person..the bright smile that brighten my day..And even though she has to celebrate her birthday in the hospital, she never failed to thank Lord for giving her the life, the love, and the laughter.

Below are the interview questions I sent to Kah Yee, and photos I saved from her FB; sharing her life, her thoughts and her smile...(Below are all the messages from our emails..Happy reading..)

at the beach..


Hi Kah Yee,
Hope you are well...

I have few question to ask you or perhaps many haha..Pls let me know if my questions caused you some discomfort ya...I just want reader to know more and truth from you.

1. What is your full name?
2. What is your occupations?  The first time I saw you in my salon, you were in wheel chair. I was wondering what had happened.
3.  Can you share with us what had happened?

Do attached photos of you when you are baby, kindergarten years, primary and secondary school, college and uni.

Hope you are great.

Happily graduated!! If Kah Yee can..why you cant?

Kah Yee in the middle- still in hospital..
Kah Yee:

Dear Jacqueline,

Thank you for taking your time in interviewing me..Hopefully I won't bored you with my replies hehe..

1. Lum Kah Yee, turning 24 this 30th November ;)
2. Currently working as a pharmacist.
3. What happened to me still remain a mystery.  I remembered when I was 3 years old, I was running around with my sister and I slipped and fell down.  After that my parents brought me to many doctors but they could'nt come up with a conclusive diagnosis.  Some report says I have polio while others traumatic spinal cord injury.

Sorry I don't have baby, kindergarten and primary and secondary school photos.  It's at home and need to be scanned ;)

Kah Yee a smart girl since young age


Hi Kah Yee,

Can you scan for me?  Can ask your sis help you?

Q4: Wow a pharmacist..How did you do that?
Q5: Did you go to a special school?
Q6: How do you feel when you meet this problem? (of not be able to walk?)
Q7: What keeps you mentally so strong? Pls share..

Kah Yee:

Kah Yee with other caring colleagues..
Q4:  I guess it's a long hard road but an enriching one.. In many ways I learn how to be independent, not afraid to ask help from friends and challenge myself to only discover that limit is that human sets for themselves. 

Q5:  I have to thank my parents for fighting a place for me in a normal school for they believed that is where I belong to.

Q6 & 7:  Initially it was hard for me to accept it, all thoughts went through my mind when I cant do certain things, other people can do.  But over the time with God, I manage to understand that each person has their unique God given purpose in life.  We might not be able to know what it is now but  I believe it's going to be awesome just as God promised in Jeremiah 29:11.

Hey, Jacqueline, sorry for the super duper late reply. I'm still at the hospital and my wound has improved (getting smaller each day) Sorry I couldn't scan any photos.  My sister went back to KL already ;).

At Melaka..
Hey love,

Great to know that you are healing? You need to work soon! Many patients needs you now haha...
Can I get the photos from FB, some I feel really great  for the blog..

Questions to answer now ;) ;

Q8: I admire the way you strong you are mentally.  God really play a huge part in your life..can you share some great moments with HIM?

Q9:  Do you consider yourself a self-motivator?

Q10: Does your disability stopping you from making new friends?  Are you afraid of strangers?

Q11: Can you share some of your good moments in life?

Q12: What do you do in your spare time?

Q13:  Is there anything you would want to tell a teenanger who has just lost a limb; based on your life experience?

Q14: Have you ever reached a point in your life where maybe things were not going smooth at all and maybe you were stressed out and you blamed it all on your legs? Can you share?

Q15: Have you ever seen a parent scold a child for starring at you or asking out loud about you in public?  How did that make you feel?

Q16: When people do express their curiosity, do you find they ask you the same questions over and over again?  Do you feel okay with that?

Q17: Are there any celebrities or public figure with disabilities that you admire?

Kah Yee

Graduation ceremony in KL! YEAH!!!
Hi! Sure feel free to take the photos from FB ;)

Q8:  Hmmm...there are so many great moments that I can seem to pinpoint one hahaha..I will share two major events how God display His love and glory in me.  First will be able complete my pharmacy degree and able to stay at KL without my parents.. How He placed so many right people to help me get through His plan and certain people to teach me the lessons in life.  Never in my wildest dreams I would be able to go to university, go to shopping malls, went for a trip to Bukit Tinggi, rode a horse without HIS blessings.

Secondly, my career.  When I first started working, I have low self-esteem, I doubted my ability, I ponder whether is this the right job for me.  I get a lot of stares especially from my patients.

But I remember God telling me to take one step at a time..soon they will be able to see I'm just like the rest except the difference is "mode of transportation' ;)

Hanging out with friends..

Q9:  I would like to be one.. for now I haven't see that yet haha..

Q10: Initially yes, I was so shy to go out from the house.  Don't dare to smile to others or even look them in the eyes.  Constant encouragement from my mom brought me out of my own world.  Now I'm comfortable meeting strangers and just smile whenever possible.

Q11:  I got one which I will never forget in life.  I rode my first ever roller coaster at Universal Studio Singapore! I always thought that I could never ride one ;)

Q12: I'm like any other ordinary people who loves to shop.  I can spend the whole day just at the mall or I would go to the bookstore and take my time browsing books.  I am a fan of self-help books.

Q13: Trust your heart for it knows best.  Don't be afraid to try new things because you won't know what is there for you if you don't try.  It is not so important on how you reach your destination but the journey that counts.  So make each day a learning day.  Think happy thoughts, smile and lend a helping hand.  One doesn't see how big is your contribution, it's the thoughts that matter.

Q14: Countless of times haha...most of the time I will tell myself failure is not the end.  It is the courage to get up after the failure.  If you give up it means that you have failed yourself.

Q15: Haha awkward! Until now I still do but I just shrugged it off by a smile or just pretend to be busy haha..

Q16: Well, sometimes I don't mind depending on how they approach their subject.. Sometimes I have people just bluntly asking me what happened to me.  I would usually prefer telling to people I feel comfortable with.

Q17: Yes! Nick Vujicic..a man with no limbs but able to live a fulfilling and enriching life.  Highly recommend to read his book.

Wow! That was long hahaha..but thanks for the interviews..!

Kah Yee at work at General Hospital Kuching


Love to read all the reply dear..

Last question,

Q18: What do you want to achieve in life and where will you see yourself at after 10 years?

Kah Yee


For now, I guess I want to concerntrate on my career and what I see myself in 10 years time?....a wonderful family of my own and being a motivational speaker who write books as well haha...

I sincerely wish Kah Yee all the best in life.  I read Kah Yee's post in fb that she is at home now....So glad she is finally back home.. I am waiting for her next visit so I post our photo together..hehe...

Kah Yee..Gambateh! You have made Borneo proud!


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