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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Budget Vacation Tips: Bangkok 2012 -Part 2

2nd Best Time at Bangkok  (Part 2 - Day 2)

Our second day was so tiring!! We went to eat RM1 famous boat noodle for breakfast and then Dusit Zoo...zoo near the city...We only opted for anything within city so we do not have to travel so more time...

I watched about RM 1 famous boat noodle in youtube and told myself to must try it..and reading about Dusit Zoo of mix opinions of positive and negative so why not I check it out myself since it's entrance fee is only  RM 10.  So we took the chance.

How to go to Boat Noodle? 

All the places I have planned visiting were actually nearby to each other.  So after eating boat noodle, we went to Dusit Zoo..How to go to RM 1 Boat Noodle? I did not find much details how to go to the noodle in internet so I guess I should put the details in so you guys can find the way better...

RM1 Famous Boat Noodle: tasted mmmmm....not really ummph.....but it was a great experience..must at least try once...

How to go there?

1. Take BTS to Victory Monument Station..walk to the Victory Monument directions...stop and take photo like me haha - VM1 (photo below)
2. Walk to the left of VM1...walk down the bridge will see market..
3. Keep walking to your left..and enjoy stalls and little shopping...VM2 and VM2b
4.Keep walking until you see a hospital on your left..
5.Keep walking left again until you see a crossing bridge to the other side of the road...walk up the staircase..and walk to the middle of the bridge and you see a river and shops by the river..Boat Noodle shops are just there...VM3..walked down from the bridge, and choose the noodle house you like..and try it :)

VM1 ( me and Tyan)




Waiting for food!

RM 1 only


After breakfast, we walked back to the other side of the road where hospital is to take cab to the Zoo. It took us 8 - 10 minutes taxi ride.....Once arrived, we were so excited..RM 10 for adult and RM 5 for children only to enter the zoo..what a great bargain...Not only Tyan was excited..we all did...Back to childhood...yippie!

Tyan with elephants..

So fun...Elephant show and bicycle rides..

Cow hihi...

Sea Lion cool!! we enjoyed it so much..

*p/s: I took lots of animal pictures but I forget where I saved them..If I found them, I will post it up here...There are monkeys, donkeys, birds, alligator, hippopotamus, zebra, giraffe..and etc.

Dusit Zoo isn't that bad for half a day trip ...and my daughter enjoyed herself; plus the entrance fee is so cheap!!

After Zoo, we went to Siam Paragon for quick lunch and then heading back to Tune Hotel for bath and nap...ln the evening, we went to Terminal 21 for  little walk and dinner;...and ended our second day in Bangkok..

The third day we went to boat ride to Khao San Road..and Siam Ocean World in Siam Paragon..Stay tune to our Bangkok Day 3 Part 3 hehe...


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