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Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Grow Your Hair Long Faster? Tricks And Tips....

Having problem growing out your shorter hair or bob hair to over the shoulder length?  I bet I guessed correctly that when the hair reaches shoulder; you hated it because it is unruly, messy, kicking out and untidy?

Your way  - Cut it shorter!  Consequences - Hair not growing to the length you want and hope for..end of the day..- you still have short hair....;)

How to stop yourself from keep on cutting your hair when it reaches shoulder ?

Facing headaches?  Not feeling sexy huh? Hard to let it down? Kept tying up? No way that you can let the hair down?

How to keep your hair grow pass your shoulder to get longer length? Steadily, Beautifully, Happily???

I would like to share some tricks and tips to satisfy your curiosity. ;)
Photo 1: Growing out longer hair from the above length?

Photo 2: When your hair reach this length,  it will kicked out right?   Only if you blow it nicely  you will get  tame hair..otherwise..poof!?
Photo 3: Charlize Theron with mid it waved..

How to grow the hair from super short hair like Natalie Portman  to her below shoulder length; photo as stated below..

Photo 4: Natalie Portman - Shortest

Photo 5: Pixie
Photo 6: Short Lady Cut
Photo 7: Longer version

Photo 8: Below Shoulder

There are few tips and tricks to help you..

Step 1:
If you have the hair length as photo 1, stop cutting your hair until your hair reached the length as photo 2. ...All you need to do is hair keep it healthier...(p/s: you probably looked dull but if you really want a longer hair you need to control yourself from getting a hair cut)

Step 2:
Get your hair trimmed and waved it as photo 3..Yes!..the only way to keep your hair looked nicer during the growing process..Otherwise if it is grown to the shoulder length, it will surely kick out..if the hair is curly or wavy, it will kick our sexily...but it its dead straight, the hair will kick out messily..

Do hair treatment every 2-3 weeks to keep your hair healthy.. I am sure you do not want your hair becoming   long but dead ;P

Extra tips:

- Do wash your hair everyday. Clean scalp ensure better hair growth.
- Apply hair growth tonic after every hair wash.
- Do not allow your scalp to get oily. Oily scalp can caused hair fall..

Hope you get what I meant..If you have query do drop me message..Happy Reading...:)

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