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Monday, March 4, 2013

Kuching into Fashion Forward Capitol@Hunger Games Movie; Alike Looks..

Fashion Forward Vibrant Hair Colors Seen in Kuching!

Kuching is the capitol city of Sarawak; which is one of the state in Malaysia.  A lot of people would know about Malaysia; but not so much about Sarawak..and even little about Kuching... Most people would have thought that Kuching is very rural and we are living on treetops; which is really "are you kidding me?"  Kuching is my hometown; I love it and would not be staying far from here ;)

So, as part of my life; a hairdresser trained with Toni and Guy Singapore and London; I always get the question,"why would you want to stay here? You should be heading to big city for better opportunities.  My calls - I love Kuching. My family is all here...and I had a calling to help making sure Kuchingites get better haircut and hairstyles.  Yeah..that is what I am working hard on....To work my hand on their hair beautifully; and showed to the world that we are fashion lovers and we eat and breath fashion too.  I felt I have the responsibilities to improve the hairstyles of the people of my hometown.

The wrong myths about Kuching; that the people here are outdated and have less sense of fashion is untrue at all.....NO NO! That is crap...Kuching girls are very beautiful and....Kuching is one of the city that breeds pretty and smart ladies..haha..well I am one of them ;)

Wonderful local brand turned massive international brand like Sereni and Shentel has shown to all of us that "Nothing is impossible!" So does Essensuals Hairdressing an Intenational Brand made local and wellknown among Kuching people..;) And the fact that Sereni and Shentel believed in Kuching as much as I do; has made us strive to be best at what we do...I love Sereni and Shentel's quote,"Whoever it was who said that big things do not happen in small town is obviously WRONG! Our brand is a living proof that you do not have to move to a big city to realize your dreams" Yeah...they are so right! And I was so happy and my dream come true when I was voted Malaysia Top 10 Women Hairdresser 2012/2013; a recognition that I have never believed that would happened to me because I am from Kuching and has been staying in Kuching my whole life..

Kuchingites turned colorful for 2013 Chinese New Year...Seeing most of my clients going out looking fun and futuristic just like the residents of the Capitol in the movie Hunger Games; satisfied my work as a hair artist...Paint the hair!! Wowwwweeeeeee!! Purple, Pink, Red, Blue, Orange, Silver really enjoyed the interesting project this year!

Take a look at some of the work I did for my clients and I hope you guys like it...

Hope you enjoyed looking at the creation..


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