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Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to solve Hair Loss Problem? The answer is - SHORTER HAIR.

PLEASE cut your hair SHORTER if you are facing HAIR LOSS problem...

and the truth is..that is the no 1 best way..

Ya, you heard me..Cut it short please..if you found lots of hair on the floor or on your bed..Waste no time...Go get it cut the shortest length you can accept. Please stop living in denial that you can keep your long hair by using premium hair loss product to ensure hair loss problem does not.. You need to get shorter hair straightaway.

My experience with clients having "hair long with hair loss problem - cut to shorter length" these years; gave me the confidence to state a clear statement - "SHORTER HAIR help prevents further hair falls"..
Reasons are:

1) You will not be able to tie your further pressure to the weak root.

Tying your hair everyday only make your face look rounder if you have round face..and your hair looked unlively..dull, flat and oily.  Why do you want to live 365 days tying your long hair? Just because the public told you that woman should have long hair??? Well.. We are living in this modern era...We have the choice to go mid length, short or even supershort.. Trust me..You will still look feminine even with short hair too..It depends on how your stylist do it..

Sharing real life examples around Kuching...

Jacqueline Tiong has super long hair, and decided to cut shorter due to hair falls too..But she looked too PRETTY now hehe..


Gena Sim, IMH Music Teacher

Jacqueline Wong

ME with blue hair hehe..

Ummi Abdullah- Movie Producer

Gena Sim, IMH Music Teacher

Kimberly Wee, Astro Customer Executive

Crystal Chooi, Actress and Producer

2) You will be able to wash your hair everyday.

When you have shorter hair, you feel lighter, and it ease your daily maintenance..You can wash your hair anytime you want..either after cooking or exercising..and it dries faster.  End result -  Your scalp stays clean and healthy and; gone all the grease; smelly grease that caused by impurities from the surrounding air..We are living in a hot country.. What's the point of having superlong hair but you only have few hair!!! Ya imagine yourself tying only a small bunch of hair! What's the point?? And whenever you sweat, your balding scalp is visible...

At certain time; I felt really angry seeing woman walking around having their little hair tied up and seeing bad oily scalp..I would try my best to be as honest as possible..walk to her and tell her, "I think you need a shorter haircut..Your scalp looked pretty bad"..Some will smile at me blankly..some will say; "Cannotlah! My hubby loves me with long hair.." I was stunned and ???...

Think on behalf of the men..Do they want to run their finger thru your oily and smelly hair???  No right?  It is the truth..Hair is all womens' crowning beauty..And having bad hair and scalp will kick your man away...So, when you have shorter hair, your scalp health improved as you can wash everyday..BUT...
It does not mean that you can wash your hair 2-3 times a day..1 time per day is good enough..Over wash per day will only will clean away sebum that are needed to protect you hair......Clear ;)?

And I always hear clients telling me that many people told them that wash hair everyday is bad for hair...It is not true at all! The skins that are nearest to our face is scalp..Imagine, we washed our face 2 days once, what will happen? We will have breakout right? Same as our scalp..Our scalp will turn dirty and resulted more hair falls.. Be logical okay?

After your hair is cut shorter, you can improve your hair grows by using hair loss preventive shampoo; that helps a lot..Saving some little money will not help you improve yourself.. after all you are just pampering yourself too..

A tip to share - some hair loss shampoo does cause dryness to the hair (very normal) as it acts to clean your scalp and ensure your scalp clean..So I would suggest that you use leave in conditioner (leave in conditioner is a better option as you can avoid unnecessary excess of moisture to the scalp that caused oily scalp - one of the reason why you have loss is greasy scalp) instead of rinse condtioner to give moisture to your hair..ensuring both scalp clean and healthy hair.

Try it out..and do not be afraid..You will realise the benefits of shorter hair..Please do not misunderstand what I meant..You can always grow back your hair longer when your scalp is healthier..For those who do not have hair loss problem, you can always have long hair..

Kara Simon on the right..finalist of Miss Malaysia...She is too cool with short hair..

Joey Bong..She is bored with longer hair..and was hesitant too..Look how gorgeous she is now! and
her hubby Zac loves it!

Jacqueline Wong..always gone mad hehe..

Gorgeous Ms Keh Mei, she has healthy scalp so she can keep her hair long and wavy ;)

p/s: All the hair cut and color above is done by me :) haha..


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