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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Malaysia Top 10 Women Hairstylists

Voted by Top 10 Of Malaysia Magazine

Receiving a magazine through post today (Monday 12th November 2012); it is Top 10 of Malaysia magazine.. felt butterfly in my tummy..


I opened the envelope and quickly rush to page 76 to have a look..Was waiting to see if my name is in the list of Top 10 Women Hairstylist of Malaysia..(was told by MHA President Billy Lim, that my name has been nominated..would not believe until I see it with my own eyes..)

Top 10 of Malaysia Magazine Issue 8/2012

 I was overwhelmed to see my idol Ms Winnie Loo of A Cut Above in the first page..She is truly an inspiration and living legend to me..I admire her work..and persistency in whatever she do..

I saw my superidol.. Ms Winnie Loo
 And another 9 of them ;) :

Ms Florence Lum  of  Andy Ho Haute Coiffure
Ms Jessica Yong of Hair Culture Saloon
Ms Callie Goh of Michael & Guys
Florence Lum, Jessica Yong and Callie Goh
Ms Jacqueline Chang (me) of Essensual Hairdressing (Cutting Edge Group)
Ms Ann Wang of APT Group
Ms Alice Loh of Snips Hair Salon,

Jacqueline Chang(me ;p), Ann Wang, Alice Loh
My photo was not attached in but...seeing my name has brighten my day...At least my work has been recognized  even though I am from Kuching Sarawak.

Wendy Wong, Liza Leong, and Pessy Tai.
Ms Wendy Wong of Wenawave Hair Salon
Ms Liza Leong of Grace Salon
and Ms Pessy Tai of Hair Impression Salon and Academy

Summary of my work ;) felt blessed and happy.
I am glad to be part of this..And seeing my hard work is being recognized gave me more motivation to work harder to improve myself..I have yet so much to learn..and I congrats all the female stylists (as above) for being able to be work hard to prove themselves despite having family etc...

Thanks Top 10 of Malaysia Magazine..I really feel honoured..



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